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PRIORITY ONE - Together we can beat Global Warming.
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You may download the entire book from this web site if you wish, or just browse through. If you want information and you want straight answers, check the CONTENTS, or check the STRATEGIES, or go to the INDEX and select your subject. It is easy to read and enlightening. Readers have described it as an ultimate reference volume on Global Warming and climate change issues. Reviewers say it is an extremely well-researched book. Preventing the de-stabilising of world weather systems has now become an urgent problem for all aware and
responsible people. Each of us must now make a decision.
They are totally competitive but we must use taxes and excises to peg oil prices above $65 to stop the oil industry juggling the market and killing their development. Queensland could fuel Australia. The Amazon basin alone could grow enough sugar cane and palm oil to fuel the whole world. The Stone Age didn’t end because we ran out of stone. Demand, use and support biofuels.
The quantities of nuclear waste generated are incredibly tiny and disposing of them is
incredibly easy. Increasing background nuclear radiation several fold is a health benefit
and makes us live longer. We simply can’t run a modern civilization on solar energy and
wind. Weapons proliferation is unrelated to nuclear electricity generation. And as we
have seen, any country with money to waste can build nuclear weapons if they really
want to, and we can’t stop them. End ignorant bigotry.Become a positive pro-nuclear energy advocate. Put a $150 per ton tax on coal.
Soil humus is composed of 58%carbon. So increasing the natural fertility of soil can
only occur by extracting carbon dioxide from the air. To illustrate, the destruction of
the soil fertility of the Great Plains in the US dumped as much carbon dioxide into the
atmosphere as came from every car Americans ever built. So we reverse the process.
We buy organic produce. Because, to make money out of organic produce a farmer has
to increase the fertility of his soil. Switch today. It’s healthier and free of chemicals.
Additional, most agricultural chemicals destroy soil fertility so agricultural chemicals
must cease being a tax-deductible item. We must also cease subsidizing any type of
chemically based agriculture.
From now on we must decide if the demands of green movements, despite all their
media hype, have the effect of supporting continued use of fossil fuels, agrochemicals
and oil based raw materials. Are they anti-wind, anti-nuclear, anti-hydro, anti-wood? By demanding restricted farm areas are they encouraging more intensive farming practices and thus more chemical use. Millions of dollars are spent on strategies massaging our beliefs. Dispute their structured dogma. Never let manipulated hypocrisy succeed.
“Allan Yeomans is the son of the late PA Yeomans, the creator of the Keyline system of agriculture and soil development. I have been an advocate of his Keyline concepts for over fifty years. In Priority One his son Allan argues for the expansion of Keyline principals and organic agricultural concepts to increase soil humus levels world wide to act as a significant brake on global warming. What he proposes is logical and practical and should not be ignored. I believe his concepts warrant immediate investigation by all relevant research organizations. If they confirm the viability of what Yeomans argues in Priority One his concepts should then be fostered by agricultural institutions and governments in all countries. Priority One may hold the answer the world now needs for the prevention of global warming.”
Professor Harry Messel. BA BSc Phd DSc. Positions held : Professor of Physics, University of Sydney. Vice Chancellor and Chancellor of Bond University Queensland.
Referring to the original drafts of Priority One : “These particularly interesting papers have two distinctive ingredients. One is the innovative way the author presents the major air, water, and pollution and greenhouse effect factors in terms of water depths and quotas per person. The other is his scenario of an integrated political, technical and social approach to sustainable agriculture. As a meteorologist, I commend the work with the Australian accolade: Good on ‘im”.
An assessment by the late Professor C.E. (Wally) Wallington OAM., who was, among other things and at various times; Professor of Mathematics and Director of the Institute of Marine Science, University of NSW; Head of the School of Applied Science, Canberra College of Advanced Education; visiting Professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics, German Aerospace Establishment Oberpfaffenhofen; Chairman of the Scientific Section of OSTIV.
“Allan Yeomans has challenged us to wake up and do something now to ensure that our species has a future – something that can buy us time as we radically reform our ways of living towards genuine sustainability. Through fossil fuel burning and land management that accelerates soil organic matter breakdown, we are releasing more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than is being fixed by growing plants. Clearly we must reverse this to avoid the inevitable devastating climate change. This book lays out a way to do this that has so far been surprisingly neglected by most scientists and environmentalists. Although I don't agree with all of his proposals, I do recommend that anyone who is seriously concerned about the wellbeing of future generations read this book. I especially hope that politicians, scientists and environmentalists take lime to fully engage with his arguments and investigate his claims. It will probably take lobbing by the rest of us to persuade them to do this. If we fail in this project, we must bear the guilt of condemning our children and grandchildren to challenges that we can hardly imagine.”
Professor Stuart B. Hill, Foundation Chair of Social Ecology. School of Social Biology. University of Western Sydney.
“Yeomans is uniquely experienced in fertility enhancing agriculture and meteorology. His book Priority One is an innovative approach to combating global warming and climate change. Priority One is essential reading, not only for environmental protection agencies, but for all related agencies of government.”
Rob Borbidge. 35 th Premier of Queensland. Honorary Doctorate Griffith University. Awarded April 2004.
David Holmgren in December 2002, in his informative book; Permaculture: Principals & Pathways Beyond Sustainability, acknowledged Yeomans’ concepts of mitigating global warming by soil fertility enhancement and further stated, “The greenhouse issue simply gives us another good reason to get on with the job of rebuilding the natural capital of soil humus as essential for humanity’s survival in the post-fossil fuel era”.
David Holmgren and Bill Mollison were the co-founders of Permaculture.
“Allan Yeomans regularly acted as the consultant meteorologist at state and national gliding competition. At daily pre-flight briefings his explanations of weather phenomena existing, and what might be expected during the race was concise and clearly explained. His assessments were always well respected by competing pilots. Allan Yeomans has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of meteorology. We wish him every success.”
Joint statement by:- Bruce Brockoff, John Buchannon, Brad Edwards, Paul Mathews, John Rowe, and Tony Tabart. All current or former winners of the Australian National Gliding Competitions. All have represented Australia internationally. Brad Edwards won the World Gliding Competitions in 1991.
We must understand and fully recognize that left to themselves, politicians, bureaucrats and large corporations cannot be trusted to fix Global Warming, for it’s rarely in their interest. Only responsible people-power can make them move in the direction needed.

PRIORITY ONE does not preach biodiversity dogma, nor does it advocate ever more wilderness areas. It explains clearly in plain language all the significant issues on Global Warming and climate change and how we can fix them. In fundamental terms it spells out the only over-all, eminently practical and common sense solution available to us. This book shows how we end our climatic chaos.

  • Everybody wants, and hopefully expects to have, a consistent rise in their own standard of living.
  • Financially, it is more sensible to stop Global Warming and halt climate change than pay the damage bills that result.
  • There is more than enough oil, gas and coal in the ground that, if burnt would make the atmosphere too toxic for mammals to breathe.
  • All societies must have access to abundant energy at reasonable prices.
  • Nuclear energy is economical, and is already much safer than we require. Nuclear waste is not a problem. Weapons proliferation is unrelated to power generation.
  • Apart from nuclear energy, alternative energy systems can never power modern industrial societies.
  • The Kyoto Protocol and such other myths are placebos. They are never structure to reduce fossil fuel consumption.
  • A hydrogen economy is an utter fiction for any immediate foreseeable future.
  • Practical high-energy fuel cells still don't exist.
  • Walking and riding bicycles is a hopeless vision of a personal transport system. It is unlikely, impractical and relatively dangerous
  • We can keep our automobile based societies. We simply change our diesel to biodiesel and re-tune our cars and modify all new cars to handle ethanol and ethanol blends. Costs are almost insignificant.
  • Tropical Third World Countries will then have their turn to boom. They will become prosperous and independent by producing fuel from sugarcane and oil palms.
  • Acid rain will cease.
  • Improving the fertility of soils is the only practical way of removing existing greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.
  • Clearing land and then developing the soil is far safer than not doing it.
  • Salt incrusted soils will heal.
  • For Australians in particular, increasing the fertility of soil is more important than arguing over the volume of water a river discharges into the sea.
  • Trees and rainforests are red herrings and serve no critical purpose in preventing Global Warming.
  • Some food prices will rise some will fall. There will be little or no significant over all food-cost change.
  • Our new food will however taste better and be more nutritious. We will be healthier and we will live longer.
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